mercredi 7 janvier 2009

Petit message de Dean Young

Le créateur de Blondie, Dean Young, m'a fait l'honneur d'une apparition dans son strip daté du 7 janvier. Je ne peux résister à l'envie de vous le montrer accompagné d'un petit mot de l'auteur :

«I am deeply indebted to three great artists who have labored on “Blondie” with me and contributed so much to her success. Jim Raymond, my father's longtime assistant and artist, was my first collaborator. Jim's brilliant artwork is the pantheon and serves, to this day, as the model for all of our graphics. After Jim's death in 1989, Stan Drake assumed the artistic responsibilities until his death in 1997.
The third one, you probably never heard of him. His name is Nick Butch and he is the best storyteller I've known.
Even if he never actually worked on the strip, he was a great asset after my father's death in 1973, when newspapers lost faith in "Blondie". He helped me to find new ways to use de characters, giving them depth and constitancy. It's his advices that made the strip alive until this day.
After years of silent, he choose to came back on the scene with a very particular kind of autobiography. I wish him luck in this great adventure and I thank him for all he have done on "Blondie", because he did it not for recognition but for the only thing that kept him alive : his passion for the comic-strip medium.»

Merci, Dean !

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